New Job. New Beginnings.

Exciting news: I've recently accepted a job at the University of Kansas! 

This announcement comes as the culmination of a very long semester of very hard work. From job applications, to Placement Exchange interviews (involving 1-3 rounds) and on campus interviews, KU emerged as the institution I was most excited about and also expressed the most excitement about me. I couldn't be happier to soon call Lawrence, KS home. 



My role will be as a Complex Director of McCollum Hall for KU's Housing Department. In this role I will have the opportunity to work closely with undergraduate and graduate students in community building efforts. This continues my involvement in Housing Administration, a functional area of Student Affairs I feel I still have much to learn from.

Beyond those decision factors that can only be attributed to "the gut" (and lets be honest the owner of said gut is the only one who truly understands the gut's reasoning), my primary interest in the opportunity to work at KU came down to their commitment to academic engagement in their residence halls, the continued implementation and refinement of a residential curriculum model, and the chance to work with graduate students preparing to enter the Student Affairs profession. I can't wait to get to know my new colleagues and supervisors! 

The job search process and resulting job offer are an affecting epilogue to the past 2 years I have spent laboring towards my M.S. degree. Thanks to all the peers, supervisors, and mentors that walked with me along the way! Rock Chalk!!