Master's of Science in Higher Education and Student Affairs | Florida State University | May 2014

Spring 2014

EDF 5481 - Research Methods in Education - Dr. Patrice Iatarola 

EDH 5068 - Outcomes of Undergraduate Education - Dr. Lara Perez-Felkner

EDH 5630 - Capstone in Higher Education - Dr. Kathy Guthrie 

Fall 2013

EDH 5405 - Legal Aspects of Higher Education - Dr. David Tandberg

Primary Research Project on Higher Employment Law and Sexual Discrimination

Facilitated discussion with summary brief on State-Action doctrine for religious institutions. 

EDH 5944 - Department of Education Internship (Florida College System) - Dr. Kathy Guthrie and Carrie Henderson (supervisor).

Created FAQ Documents related to state statute and college access:

Created Legislative Proposal to address statute ambiguity. (Supplemental Diagram)

SDS 5624 - American College Student - Dr. Bradley Cox 

Final Paper and Final Presentation focused on apply student development theory to student financial aid and enrollment decision making. 

Summer 2013

SDS 5804 - Practicum in Student Personnel Work - Dr. Kathy Guthrie

Group project on Institutional Mission Statements and how they influence professional practice. 

EDH 5944 - Advising First Internship - Dr. Kathy Guthrie, Dr. Kathleen Smith (supervisor)

EDH 5931 - Special Topics in Higher Education- Academic Advising - Dr. Kathleen Smith 

 Presentation focused on roots of collaboration between academic and student affairs. 

Spring 2013

EDH 5055 - Introduction to Institutional Research - Dr. Sunny Li

Research Project on Student Debt as an Institutional Influence on Graduate Rates

EDH 5045 - Student Development Theory - Dr. Bradley Cox 

Personal reflection on my college development experience. 

EDH 5046 - Diversity in Higher Education - Dr. Tamara Bertrand-Jones

Primary class assignment centered on racism and model minority issues in higher education – resource guidepresentationpersonal reflection.

Fall 2012 

EDH 5051 - Basic Understandings of Higher Education in America - Dr. Robert Schwartz

Class presentation and final paper on how the increase of diversity on U.S. campuses in the 1960s influenced student affairs practice. 

SDS 5040 - Student Personel Services - Dr. Mary Coburn and Courtney Barry 

Created handout of a Student Affairs Pioneering Professional who influenced the profession.

Shadowed Senior Student Affairs Assessment Officer and created informational handout. 

Personal Philosophy Statement

EDH 6401 - Public Policy and Higher Education - Dr. David Tandberg

Research project that looked at the Berkeley Free Speech Movement and its influence on University of California Governance. 

Wrote a Public Policy Memo addressed to the Governor of California about changing admissions policy in the light of recent affirmative action legal rulings.

Bachelors of Arts in Political Science and Philosophy | Wheaton College | May 2010