The National Association of Student Personnel Administrators and the Association of College Personnel Administrators represent the majority of student affairs administrators within the United States. The organizations have collaborated to produce a comprehensive list of professional competencies that embody the necessary skills for success and advancement in the student affairs field. 

This page represents a summary of how I have gained experience in the 10 competencies over the course of my master's program. My Master's program required that we create a Core Competency Plan to chart the course of my professional growth. If you are unfamiliar with the NASPA/ACPA Core Competencies a copy can be found here

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Advising & Helping 

Professional Experience 

Assistant Coordinator for University Housing 

  •  Supervise and advised a student Resident Assistant staff of 14. 
  •  Co-Advise Salley Hall Government of 5 executive board students plus respective working groups.
  • Serve as an on-call residence hall crisis coordinator responding to facility and individual related crisis situations.
  • Conduct meetings with academically at risk students who have GPAs below a 2.25. 
  •  Participate in Advisor Recognition Training (ART) Core classes as offered.

 Advising First Program Intern 

  • Worked with 25 students a day individually who had not declared a major learn about their values, interests, and skills in order to help them to begin exploring academic options and classes.
  • Worked with students to begin course mapping, ensuring that institutional general education requirements and first year student requirements were included in their semester course calendar. 

Educational Experience 

-EDH 5931 – Special Topics in Higher Education: Academic Advising - Dr. Kathleen Smith 

  Academic Advising and The SPPOV Research Presentation 

-SDS 5624 - American College Student - Dr. Bradley Cox 

-EDH 5046 – Student Development Theory - Dr. Bradley Cox 

Advising and Helping Core Learning 

How to ask intentional questions to best ascertain a students needs, whether immediate and over the course of a semester. 

How to build a toolkit of campus resources and how to best suggest and refer students to those resources.

How to help students with individual and group decision-making and goal-setting. 

How to respond appropriately and procedurally in a student crisis situation. 

How to facilitate reflective meaning making experience. 

Future Goals 

Complete ART Core Certification Training (5/10)

Attend a regional or national NACURH (Housing Student Leadership Organization) as an advisor.

Professional Development

Center for Academic Retention & Enhancement (C.A.R.E.) Student Orientation 2013 – Tallahassee, Florida
•    Session Presenter: “Creating Your Action Plan for Success” (Co-Presenter)
Association of Christians in Student Development (ACSD) 2012 Conference – Upland, Indiana
•    Session Presenter: “Student Athlete Engagement: From Locker-Room to Dorm Room” (with Chip Huber)

Assessment, Evaluation, & Research Core Competency

Professional Experience 

Assistant Coordinator for University Housing 

  •  Community Building Committee: worked to create a paperless method of collecting resident feedback from educational program attendance. 

  •  Community Building Committee: worked with colleagues to assess programming efforts in campus residence halls and draw out trends and insight from student programming feedback. 

  • Staff Professional Development Committee: assessed professional staff feedback survey and utilized document/content analysis to evaluate the effectiveness of staff training and proposed reforms based on assessment. 

  • Performed informal assessment of residence hall front desk effectiveness through examination of data collected on usage. 

  • Facilitated distribution and collection within residence hall complex of ACUHO-I Educational Benchmarking Incorporated (EBI) assessment of on-campus Florida State University students. 

Worked with Dalton Institute Assessment Committee to evaluate and provide feedback to all session presenters on their performance and the perceived value of their presentation.

Educational Experience 

SDS 5040 – Student Personnel Work in Higher Education - Dr. Mary Coburn and Courtney Barr 

Shadowed Senior Student Affairs Assessment Officer and created informational handout. 

EDH 5055 – Introduction to Institutional Research - Dr. Sunny Li 

Research Project on Student Debt as an Institutional Influence on Graduate Rates

EDH 5068 – Outcomes of Undergraduate Education - Dr. Laura Perez-Felkner

Assessment, Evaluation, & Research Core Learning 

How to design an assessment plan and collect data. 

How to navigate federal databases for benchmarking information. 

How to communicate assessment feedback appropriately to constituency groups, such as department leadership or session presenters. 

How to perform content analysis and disseminate findings to colleagues. 

Future Goals

Gain STATA Proficiency. 

Design and implement an assessment project around residence life and academic success. 

Equity, Diversity & Inclusion

Professional Experience

Assistant Coordinator for University Housing

  • Plan and implement intentional educational programming that teach facilitate student identity exploration and the value of a diverse community. 
  •  Facilitate student staff training sessions designed to teach student leaders how to build communities that appreciate differences. 
  •  Conducts meetings with students who violate communal expectations and assigns sanctioning as appropriate to help student reflect on how their behavior violated expectations. 
  • Mediates roommate conflict, which is typically is related to miscommunication, but frequently involves differing identities and values. 

Educational Experience

EDH5046 – Diversity in Higher Education - Dr. Tamara Bertrand-Jones 

Primary class assignment centered on racism and model minority issues in higher education – resource guide, presentation, personal reflection.

EDH5051 – Basic Understandings of American Higher Education - Dr. Robert Schwartz

Class presentation on how the increase of diversity on U.S. campuses in the 1960s influenced student affairs practice. 

Equity, Diversity, & Inclusion Core Learning

How to place my personal values and experiences within the larger context of my experiences and social status and how this might blind me to the needs of students. 

How to help students begin to explore elements of their identity through reflection and facilitated events. 

How to reach beyond my personal experiences and critically examine the advocacy needs of underrepresented groups [H]. 

How to help students find intersecting elements of their multiple identities. 

How to model to students the building of a coherent identity. 

How to critically engage and continually critique my own beliefs. 

Future Goals

Complete advanced Safe Zone Training offered through Campus PRIDE or similar advocacy organization. 

Attend identity formation related workshop/presentation at a NASPA or ACPA conference. 

Professional Development

Florida State Division of Student Affairs Half-Day Professional Retreat 2014 – Tallahassee, FL

Topic of Diversity and Inclusion at Florida State University through the lens of FSU’s Campus Climate Survey. 

Seminole Allies and Safe Zone Training 2013 – Tallahassee, FL

Safe Zone training focused on introducing staff to important viewpoints and cultural vocabulary meant to create a hospitable environment for students going through identity exploration. 

Campus PRIDE Trans-101 Workshop 2013 – Tallahassee, FL

 Introductory workshop to issues involving the Transsexual student community. Session was facilitated PRIDE Student Union students with Transgender students attending and participating in facilitation process. 

Ethical Professional Practice

Professional Experience

Assistant Coordinator for University Housing 

Head Staff Professional Development Committee:

  •  Present proposal to department leadership on how to best help professionals within the department making meaning from their experiences.
  •  Ensure that professional staff training includes space for reflection and discussion of ethical practice.

Facilitate conduct meetings with students that push students to begin to think about the ethical implications of their decision-making. 

Ensure that response to student crisis situations keeps the interests and needs of the student at the forefront of institutional procedure by responding with care and sensitivity. 

Educational Experience 

 EDH 5405 – Legal Aspects of Higher Education - Dr. David Tandberg

 Facilitated class group discussion on a legal case study and collated discussion into a legal brief.

Ethical Professional Practice Core Learning 

How to evaluate the legal aspects of institutional policy and how this legal framework influences student interaction. 

How to identify potential ethically questionable practices. 

How to evaluate ethical practice through consultation of professional publications (e.g. CAS Standards). 

How to engage colleagues in conversations about ethical practice and professional experience. 

How to articulate my ethical values and how these values influence my professional practice. 

Future Goals

Investigate and write about the linkage between traditional philosophical theory (e.g. deontology, utilitarianism) and institutional policy. 

Professional Development

NASPA Annual Conference 2014 – Baltimore, MD
    Participated in Case Study Competition (with Jake Frasier)

Dalton Institute for College Student Values 2014- Tallahassee, FL
    Conference theme was “Promoting an Ethic of Care in Student Affairs.” 

History, Philosophies, & Values 

Professional Experience:

Assistant Coordinator For University Housing 

  •  Involvement with Staff Professional Development Committee centered on applying professional core competencies to professional experience. 
  •  Teaching student staff how to apply student development values through formalized and informal training 
  •  Research best practices to ensure that University Housing’s programming efforts aligned with current professional expectations and standards.  

Educational Experience 

EDH 5051 – Basic Understandings of American Higher Education - Dr. Robert Schwartz

Final presentation was an examination of how cultural change in the 1960s influenced professional practice. 

SDS5040 – Student Personnel Work in Higher Education – Dr. Mary Coburn and Courtney Barry

Personal Philosophy Statement 

SDS 5804 – Practicum in Student Personnel Work – Dr. Kathy Guthrie 

Critical examination and visits to a diverse range of institutional types in higher education. 

EDH 6401 – Public Policy in Higher Education – Dr. David Tandberg

Research project that looked at the Berkeley Free Speech Movement and its influence on University of California Governance. 

EDH 5931 – Special Topics in Higher Education: Academic Advising – Dr. Kathleen Smith

Presentation on the historic significance of academic advising and its correlation to current student affairs practice. 

Ethical Professional Practice Core Learning 

How the Student Personnel Point of View links into current professional practice and how it remains relevant today. 

How to articulate the value of Student Personnel Work to the wider work of The Academy and how Student Affairs administrators influence student success. 

How to pull salient information out of historical cases and events in Student Affairs work for current practice. 

Future Goals 

Continually revise personal philosophy statement based on experiences. 

Maintain involvement in the Dalton Institute for College Student Values. 

Professional Development:

Florida State University Higher Education Lecture Series February 2014 – Tallahassee, FL

Lecture by Kevin Krueger President of NASPA regarding current trends in perceptions of the role and value of college administrators. Emphasis was the on future challenges and Student Personnel Administrator roles. 

Dalton Institute on College Student Values 2014 – Tallahassee, FL. 

Theme of “Ethic of Care Student Wellbeing as a Priority in Higher Education”

Gave Presentation on Student Technology Use

Dalton Institute on College Student Values 2013 – Tallahassee, FL. 

Theme of “Character in an Age of Self-Promotion: Exploring the Role of Social Media on College Student Development”

 Gave Presentation on communal dialogue and social media (with Kelvin Rutledge)

Human and Organizational Resources

Professional Experience

Assistant Coordinator for University Housing 

  • Participate in hiring of student staff and professional staff, focusing on finding candidates with relevant experience and an ability to articulate their experience effectively. 
  •  Perform staff evaluations for all supervised staff focusing on their diligence in meeting expectations, progress towards stated professional goals, inherent strengths and areas of improvement. 
  • Conduct weekly staff meetings to disseminate important information and ensure staff are communicating effectively and developing appropriate working relationships. 
  • Facilitate student staff training sessions covering a range of issues related to being a successful community builder.
  • Coordinate hiring process with HR representatives to ensure that all required documentation is on file. 
  • Manage budgets for student programming board, staff development funding, and educational programming.

Educational Experience

EDH 5405 – Legal Aspects of Higher Education – Dr. David Tandberg

 Course Sessions on Hiring and the rights of Employee at institutions of Higher Education

Human and Organizational Resources Core Learning 

How to manage the administrative processes involved in staff hiring, including the necessity of collaborating closely with institutional HR representatives. 

How to develop a proper budget and track expenditures accordingly.

How to facilitate a meeting efficiently while remaining sensitive to the relational and emotional development of a staff team. 

How to evaluate a job candidate’s potential strengths and weaknesses. 

Future Goals

Participate in a national professional staff member search beyond participating on campus interviews. 

Law, Policy, & Governance 

Professional Experience

Assistant Coordinator for University Housing 

  • Conduct student disciplinary hearings that balance educational goals with protecting students due process rights at a public institution. 
  • Respond to student crisis situations and behavioral issues while respecting state and federal law.

Florida College System (FCS) Public Relations Intern

Educational Experience

EDH 5405 – Legal Aspects of Higher Education – Dr. David Tandberg 

 Primary research project looked at the intersection of sexual discrimination law and private higher education.

EHD 6401 – Public Policy in Higher Education – Dr. David Tandberg 

Wrote a Public Policy Memo addressed to the Governor of California about changing admissions policy in the light of recent affirmative action legal rulings.

SDS 5624 – American College Student – Dr. Bradley Cox 

Research Project focused on the role of financial aid policy in student access and persistence.

Law, Policy, and Governance Core Learning

How to contextually place legal best practice into administrative and institutional policy decision making .

How to identify situations that need the involvement of supervisors and institutional legal counsel. 

How to ensure that student rights are honored and accounted for in department administrative process. 

How to evaluate and educate students on the legal statutes that states provide to enhance access and student success. 

How to consider when trends in policy or legal application should influence institutional policy. 

Future Goals:

Participate in national dialogues regarding law and administrative policy. 


Professional Experience: 

Assistant Coordinator for University Housing 

  • Create a vision of community and success for 20 student staff members by sharing my personal values and drawing out there expectations and interests in community building. 
  • Identify residence hall community expectations through dialogue with student leaders and residents and work to promote the positive expectations within the community. 
  • Mediate community conflicts by listening to resident perspectives and working to reconcile issues by appealing to their values and expectations. 
  • Engage student staff in dialogue about their values, interests, and skills to see how they apply them in their work as leaders. 
  •  Work with student staff to find creative solutions to community expectation issues such as conflict or policy violation reduction. 

Created a “Visioning” presentation for a Leadership Mobile Application 

Educational Experience

SDS 5040 – Student Personnel Work in Higher Education – Dr. Mary Coburn 

Created handout of a Student Affairs Pioneering Professional who influenced the profession.  

 EDH 5045 – Student Development Theory – Dr. Bradley Cox 

Class readings on Leadership Development within student development.

Leadership Core Learning

How to explain my personal values, beliefs and perspectives in a way that provides meaning and context for my decision making. 

How to evaluate a community or team’s central values and expectations. 

How to listen intentionally for the needs and expectations of my followers.

How to communicated institutional policy decisions that may be contentious to team members in a manner that honors potential disagreement or frustration. 

How to foster and encourage creative problem solving among team members. 

Future Goals:

Facilitate in the planning and implementation of a student leadership retreat (e.g. LeaderShape). 

Professional Development:

Dalton Institute on College Student Values 2013 – Tallahassee, FL. 

Presentation on communal dialogue and social media (with Kelvin Rutledge) 

Personal Foundations 

Professional Experience

Graduate school. More precisely, successfully balancing the demands of academic and professional experiences. 

Routine journaling to collate experiences and important thoughts on daily professional and personal life. 

Maintain a professional blog with thoughts on my evolution within the profession. 

Personal Foundations Educational Experience

SDS 5040 – Student Personnel Work in Higher Education – Dr. Mary Coburn and Courtney Barry 

Reflective assignments and personal philosophy statement

EDH 5630 – Capstone in Higher Education – Dr. Kathy Guthrie 

Final Personal Philosophy Statement

Personal Foundations Core Learning

How to articulate my personal values, strengths, and interests, in a way that links to my professional practice. 

How to work intentional experiences and personal commitments into my  life in a way that balances my professional commitments. 

How to identify areas of strength and build on those achievements. 

Future Goals 

Expand and enhance opportunities for dialogue on my professional blog. 

Write a series of posts on the intersection of philosophy and student development. 

Professional Development 

StrengthsQuest inventory. 

Student Learning and Development 

Professional Experience

Assistant Coordinator for University Housing

  • Facilitate programming experiences for students that push them to think about their experiences and how they have changed over the course of a semester/year. 
  • Apply student development theory to conflict mediation situations in a meaningful way to help students communicate and resolve their differences. 
  • Apply student moral development theory in conduct hearings and conduct sanctioning. 

Advising First Internship 

  • Evaluated students’ level of cognitive thinking through intentional conversations and begin to help them explore avenues of academic interest. 
  •  Helped students begin to evaluate their own values, interests and skills. 

Student Learning and Development Educational Experiences:

EDH 5045 – Student Development Theory – Dr. Bradley Cox

 Personal Development Reflection

Student Learning and Development Core Learning:

How to apply student development theory contextually to different types of student interactions. 

How to express my own story of development to model healthy growth to colleagues and students. 

How to weave student development theory into assessment and policy evaluation. 

Future Goals

Blog series on the intersection of modern philosophy and student development theory. 

Research on how student development can be applied to higher education public policy. 

Professional Development 

Dalton Institute for College Student Values 2014- Tallahassee, FL

Gave Presentation on Social Media’s role in student well-being (with Jake Frasier).