Social Media and Social Overload

I've been quick to adopt social media and tech apps. Most of the time this is in the interest of "keeping up with my students." I, rightly, figure that if I am going to be reaching students I should be aware and familiar with how they choose to communicate and represent their identities. 

This video gives me pause (if perhaps only briefly), it also happens to be pretty funny. Pop culture media has a way of capturing the Zeitgeist and in this instance the option to declare "social bankruptcy" might signal a greater unease with the expectations we heap on ourselves when we strap in with a new social media app. 

We aren't defined by our technology use...or at least, we don't want to be....I assume.

Editors Note (3/23/14 - 1:00pm)

So after having watched this recent episode of Community how could I NOT post it?! Dan Harmon's treatise on Generation Like and social capital with social media. Not to mention it mixes Hunger Games and Logan's Run.